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Presenting a paper at EuroBrake gives you the opportunity to share your latest technical ideas and achievements with influential specialists from around the world and to discuss your work with colleagues throughout the industrial and academic communities.

Original abstracts are invited on any of the following topics:

Braking Systems
Braking of Autonomous Vehicles
Braking for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Advanced and Combined Brake Systems
Robust Brake Systems
Parking Brakes
Brake Actuators and System Control
Counter Measures Against Brake Noise and Drag
Status and Diagnostic Systems
Energy Recuperation

Fundamentals of Brakes
Friction Interface Dynamics
Friction Induced Vibration
Thermal Effects

Manufacturing and Markets
Manufacturing, Quality Control and Warranty Claims
Global Standardisation
Aftermarket, Global Sourcing
Governmental Regulatory Influence on Braking
Regulation and Homologation

Materials and Design
Innovative Friction Materials and Components
Disc, Drum, Wheel Materials, Coatings and Design
Friction Material and Friction Couple Characterisation
Environmentally Friendly Friction Couples, Brake Emissions

Simulation and Modelling
Noise Vibration Harshness
Brake System and Component Modelling

Validation and Testing
Brake System and Component Testing
Scale Testing for Research, Development and Quality Control
Performance, NVH and Brake Emission

The deadline for abstract submission is Friday 20 October 2017.

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Important dates

Friday 20 October 2017
Deadline for abstracts
Tuesday 23 January
Deadline for review-ready full papers
Tuesday 13 March
Deadline for upload of oral-only presentations
Friday 30 March
Deadline for final full papers
Tuesday 10 April
Deadline for speaker registrations
Friday 13 April
Deadline for upload of accompanying PowerPoint files for full paper presentations

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