Brake Dust PN Emissions in the Context of the PMP Method


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Non-exhaust emissions in general and brake particle emissions in particular are considered to offer huge potential in the improvement of air quality in densely populated city centers. Legislative authorities started to look into the topic of Brake Dust emissions for a post-Euro 6 regulation. Based on the recommendations of the informal working group of the “particulate measurement program” (PMP) in Europe, HORIBA developed an integrated solution to measure brake particle emissions on a brake dynamometer.

The presentation introduces some of the influencing factors on the particle number emission measurement based on the PMP method. The WLTP-Brake test cycle, dyno settings such as the drafted cooling air adjustement method and other already existing technical requirements are discussed in terms of their influence on the PN emissions. Experimental results outline some of the related challenges before an outlook on the open issues regarding Brake Dust PN is given.

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