Influence of Different Friction Materials on the Particle Size Distribution of Brake Emissions

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In this study, particle size distributions are analyzed with regard to additional influencing factors. Especially the influence of the friction material is put into the focus as the friction material is an integral part of a brake system and is often not considered properly in the context of brake emissions. Due to the very diverse physical and chemical properties that different classes of friction materials possess, it is highly probable that they can have a significant influence on total brake emissions and also on particle size distribution. Apart from that, the influence of hard-coated discs on particle size distribution of brake emissions is investigated and it is shown that both friction material and disc coating constitute promising approaches to handle the challenge of brake emission reduction. The influence of friction material and brake disc on the tribology that takes place in a friction brake also leads to potentially different temperature regimes. The present study sets an additional focus on the investigation of the temperature effect on particle size distribution.

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