Measurement of Dynamic Signature of Brake Emissions on a Pin-On-Disc Tribotester with Low-cost Particulate Sensors

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Since the Euro-5 standard for motor vehicles with internal combustion engines, the emissions of engines have been below the emissions of the vehicle brakes. As a result, non-exhaust emissions are increasingly coming in political and economic focus. Due to the particle size, the high concentration and the high-temperature processes in the boundary layer, brake emissions are considered to be particularly dangerous for the health of the population. So far, there are no consistent guidelines in the area of measurement methodology and limit values for brake emissions.

Since the emissions of conventional brake systems are influenced by a multitude of different factors, tribological investigation are carried out on a fully automated pin disc tribotester. In the course of this work, new and low cost particulate sensors (<200$) are used to determine a dynamic signature of the brake emissions for the first time. For this purpose, a special measuring frame is used to allow a spatial distribution of the sensors, so that swarm measurements around the friction contact can be carried out. The high number of particulate sensors enables a temporal and spatial resolution of the emissions. For this purpose, various brake pairs are examined using a specially developed procedure and then compared with each other using a statistical method.

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