The Challenges of Brake NVH for Electric Vehicle

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Due to more and more electric vehicles in the auto market, we are facing the new challenges in brake NVH.

In this presentation, the key and important functions and features which impact the brake NVH behavior between combustion engine vehicle vs. electric vehicle are compared. A good example of NIO ES6 in Huangshan, China NVH vehicle testing will be introduced. This testing will reveal some of the difference in brake NVH of electrical vehicle, which obtained the NVH engineers’ attention. Especially, one back to back comparison test was conducted to understand the impact of different regen-brake level.

Then, a couple of brake noise solution cases in one electric vehicle will be presented to demonstrate the new challenges and findings during the NVH development process.

Finally, from an electric vehicle OEM point of view, the valuable experience and challenge of electric vehicle brake NVH will be summarized and the results we believe will be very interesting and helpful for the brake NVH community.

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