Influence of the Regeneration Strategy on the NVH Optimization with Some Hints for a Novel Approach to Re-size the Braking System


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As the MHEVs and EVs are increasing their share in the automotive market, OEM and Brake System Tier 1 supplier are still largely using ICE-vehicles and ICE-procedures to face the major part of the development. Furthermore, no EV-customized NVH dyno procedure has been defined among the industry.

Two case studies are presented, in which we analyze the implication of the importance of sharing preliminary information to tailor make a relevant procedure and the impact of the availability of ICE-vehicles to develop non-ICE-platforms.

Additionally, a novel approach for the sizing of the EV-braking-system is presented. The inputs are basic information that should be available at the kick-off of the program (engine characteristics, regeneration repartition, expected performances, braking system layout…), while we can get as output several options for the sizing, accounting for different hypothesis, such as desired temperature profiles, or wear targets.

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