Technical Programme

DEMO Challenges Around the Physical Characterisation of Brake Discs: Theory and Metrology

Thursday 4 June, 13:20–15:00

Chair: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralph Mayer, TU Chemnitz

Co-chair: Reiner Becker, RBTechConsult GmbH

Brand new to EuroBrake 2020 we are introducing innovative sessions, combing technical knowledge and live demonstrations.

This session will focus on:

• Metallurgical and casting influences
• The procedure for determining frequency averages
• Problems in measuring natural frequencies and how to avoid them
• Correct damping measurement

The goal of the interactive session is to provide an ISO technical report in this field, derived from standard specifications like VDA 301/302:2009, SAE J2933.

Metrology: Product Presentation and Demonstration

Company A
Measurement of EF using airborne noise

Company B
Measurement of EF using a laser vibrometer

Company C
Determination of the dynamic Modules by using ultrasonic

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