Opening Plenary Session

Session Chairs

Mr. Klaus Jäckel, Daimler AG

Prof. Dr.-Ing Georg Ostermeyer, Technische Universität Braunschweig 

Presentation 1- Consideration of Vehicle and Brake Systems Issues for Autonomous Mobility 

Jay Fash, Senior Manager, Advance Chassis Systems, Zoox

The automotive industry, and the technologies that support it, are facing unprecedented change driven by several Global Trends. The emerging electric vehicle will have subtle impact on today’s brake system requiring changes to address the changes in the system usage profile resulting with regenerative braking. Looking farther into the future, the electric vehicle segment known as future autonomous shared mobility will have a substantially greater impact.

This presentation will discuss global market and societal factors that are fundamental to the changes that are coming to the industry and what vehicle architectures maybe needed to support these various demands.

The vehicle architecture changes to support future mobility will have significant impact on brake system design and engineering development processes. Some specific examples from the on-going development of a Level 4 Autonomous Mobility Service will be used to illustrate the challenges being addressed in the industry.


Presentation 2 - TBC

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